Matt Kauffmann is a maker of visual art. With an appreciation for graffiti and street art, Matt strives to create art with meaning. He has been writing letters and weaving them into doodles for more than thirty years. For the past twenty however, Matt has focused his energy into sharing the joy of discovering and experiencing creativity with youth. “I recently asked a high school student what their definition of art was and their response was right-on; they said: ‘what isn’t art?’ I couldn’t agree more! Art is all around us- it is stitched to the fabric of our hearts, it is in our breath, it is in the wind blowing the leaves. Art is in the stardust that comprises you and the stardust streaked across the night sky. What isn’t art. Nothing and everything.”

Rooted in South Lake Tahoe, Matt began a youth outreach program in 2007 that aimed at giving local youth the opportunity to contribute to brightening their community through micro-mural creations. The work of The Sphere can be seen on utility boxes, walls, and dumpsters scattered throughout the south shore. “Art is an incredibly powerful tool. If I can brighten someones day by simply painting an image in a public space, that’s a beautiful thing. If I can help to impact a person’s life by showing them how to paint, well that’s a pretty humbling idea.”

Matt currently works as an art instructor at South Tahoe High School and juggles custom mural jobs, personal canvas pieces, and teaching around the primary role of father and husband.